Claiming Cashback & Points

When you first register with Test Our Tech, your account will be debited with 2000 TOT points.

This is the equivalent to around £20. But the required ammount of points for deals will vary depending on product.

Once you choose a product and you lock in the deal, you will be asked to prove your purchase by uploading a screenshot of the purchase receipt from amazon. The receipt must show the price, a picture of the product and the order number given to you by Amazon.

Once a external review screenshot is verified ( within 24 hours ), the points you have used to unlock the deal  will taken from your frozen account and the cash back debited to your withdraw balance, You can then withdraw through your dashboard wallet.

All payments are handled by our payment gateway provider Stripe. 

There are no handling fees.

IMPORTANT your first withdraw from Test Our Tech will take upto 5 working days thereon after withdraws will take 24hrs from your Stripe/TOT dashboard.

Bank holidays and weekends will effect payout times.

Test Our Tech is subcription based service once you have made you first withdraw you will be sent and email to set up a £3 a month subscription fee. No more deal requests will be accepted untill this payment is set up.

You will be able to opt out of this service at any time by emailing or by speaking to an agent through our facebook page

To get more points onto your account, we will ask you to do different tasks for us, these may include:

  • Writing a review of the products you have ordered with us.

  • Using your referral code.

  • Making videos about products you have had through us.

  • Sharing products you have purchased through TOT on your social media accounts.

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