Test Our Tech is a deals and review website, with a difference. Here you don’t spend money, you spend TOT points, which you earn by completing tasks asked of you You will also be able to find the best discounts and deals the web has to offer.

Simply, TOT points are a form of currency. The Points are used to purchase products from our website. Once you register with Test Our Tech, we will give you 2000 TOT points equivalent to £20. Once you lock a deal with TOT, provide us with a purchase screenshot from amazon and this screen shot is verified, the TOT points will automatically change into real money, which you can withdraw directly into your bank account. To earn more TOT points, to spend on the website, you will need to earn the points doing tasks that we ask of you on the website. (Check out "Claiming Cashback & Points" for more information). Once you register with TOT, we will send you an ordering guide, which is very helpful, so please keep an eye out for the introduction email.

We get paid for advertising products and helping with product development. Amazon is literally a jungle and sellers need as much help as they can get. TOT makes it easier for their listings to get desired attention. We bridge the gap between manufacturer and end user, helping suppliers make better, more reliable products. Whereby the end user can be as happy with the product, as possible.

If you are unsatisfied with a product, you need to contact one of the team using the email: address support@testourtech.com. Or if you like you can contact a team member through our facebook page also.

If a product does not get delivered, please contact amazon but also inform someone on the team about the problem.

No, you can only receive one of each product to any given address.

This depends on your bank, but maximum is 5 working days.

If you have anymore questions hit us up on Facebook or email: Info@testourtech.com

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