10 in 1 Pocket Size EDC Key Ring Multi Tool, Swiss Army Type Multitools with Rope Cutter, Screwdriver, SIM Card Pin, Safety Lock Design - Black


Compact Design - The new type multitools is designed as a convenient-carried gadget for you. With a key ring on it, you can easily put your keys and Bibury EDC tools together. And this little tools has 10 necessary functions, which can meet your daily needs.
Safety Lock - Bibury Team considered most use cases of users at the beginning of designing this EDC tool. We design a new kind of safety lock. When you want to close the tool after use it, pulling down both sides of the safety lock then close the tool.
10 in 1 - The Bibury EDC Multi Tool has 10 basic functions - SIM Card Pin, Screwdrivers, Rope Cutter, Phone Stand, File...
Intimate Service - Bibury team provides customers with quality products and services. If you have any problems after the purchase, please contact us without any hesitation. We will do our best to solve problems and meet your requirements.

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