Bomaker Deep bass earbuds


  • True Sense of Freedom - Up to 7 hours of play time with each charge and an additional 30 hours with the charging case. It comes with a USB Type-C type charging box that can give the earbuds 1 hour of playtime for just 10 minutes of charge.


  • Premium Sound - Features 6mm dynamic speakers and noise isolation deliver clear and flawless in-ear call sound. The implementation of a high-end Bluetooth chip ensures longer battery life with crisp and amazing sound output


  • Water Resistant - Boasts IPX7 sweat-proof protection against liquids


  • Automatically Pairing - Fast 2 second bluetooth connection with saved devices


  • Touch Sensitive Control - Bomaker tws has capacitive touch-sensitive controls, which include tap to play/pause music, pickup/hangup calls, kip tracks forward or back, you can also press and hold to open up the voice assistant


  • Comfortable Fit - The  earbuds weight only 0.14oz, offer 6 different sizes of ear tips: S, S+, M, M+, L, and L+, they snugly fit into your ear means they won’t dangle, stick out, or fall out every time. It's prefect for gym, sport lovers and outdoor activities

Customer Reviews

  • Fab Quality!
    30th ofJuly2020 byEllie Osborne

    I got these for my dad as I've given him bomaker headphones in the past but he really wanted wireless earphones when working on the building site. He tells me they are brilliant and even sometimes if he forgets to take his phone with him he still has as music and the radio in his ears. They connect immediately to his phone when he takes him out the box and she thinks they're really stylish. The difference sizeear buds are great as he use a different one in each ear and says they never fall out. He says they last that really long time and it's great they charge in the box too. He says its exactly like having the radio on as the sound is perfect and there's no dropout. I recommend them to anyone who's looking for a good quality pair of wireless earphones.

  • Easy To Use
    26th ofJuly2020 byJohn Ware

    Great sound. Used them for running and easy to fit them in your ear compared to others I’ve had.

  • Pukka Quality For Cheap Price
    20th ofJuly2020 byRyan Marshall

    Nice set of headphones , sound is very good for the price , there comfortable to wear for a long period of time , well worth the money and another decent product for tot again

  • Solid Sound Quality For The Price
    18th ofJuly2020 bywiecek_p

    After using them for 1 week I'm fully satisfied with Bomaker Earbuds. First of all they are nicely packaged so from the first look they make very good impression. Secondly the case is super handy and does not bother you even when you keep it in trouser pocket. The sound quality is absolutely decent with strong bass. Noise isolation adds even more pleasure listening my favourite hits. You shouldn't be worried about the range which is satisfactory. While at home you don't need to keep phone close to you at all time. Highly recommended.

  • Small But Mighty
    16th ofJuly2020 byFahid Chowdhury

    Brought these as a replacement from AirPods replicas, was uncertain with all the in-ear headphones as they're normally quite basic without any bass or do not provide noise cancellation. These particular headphones have a touch interface to control the music/phone calls etc.. With the latest version they're now equipped with USB C, this is a huge upgrade as the technological world is moving to one connection. With the headphones being low profile and quite small the case is quite acute. Once you have connected the device to your phone the first time this will instantly connect faster the next time you use them. With any in-ear headphones, not all of the fit-out of the box, the flexibility of the interchangeable buds allows a comfortable fit. Overall great headphones, do recommend especially for the price point.

  • Good Price.good Quality Of The Sound.
    9th ofJuly2020 byVictorita Oancia

    The reason because i bought this earbunds it’s because i lost my old ones.I was really surprised about the quality of those earbound!!The sound it’s 100%better than before and those are really confortamble.I am very satisfied with the quality of the sound and bass.The earbunds are perfect for running and you can forget about the fact that they will fall out of your ear.


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