Evershop Washable Face Mask with Filter


【✔Ulti-Functional Balaclava】 Protect and make your life easier for outdoor sport, these half face Balaclava are ideal companions for cycling, motoring, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, mountaineering, and other outdoor activities.

【✔Breathable Material】 Made of lycra material, this bike face Balaclava can be breathable, moisture-wicking, rapid moisture wicking, hard-wearing, perfect for optimizing the sweat transpiration. With Unique design, the motorcycle Face hood can be replaced with removable filter pads, it can protect itself from getting dirty from saliva and dust.

【✔ Ultimate comfort】 The motorbike bandana is a soft, wrinkle-free, heat-insulating headgear, so that it offers comfortable service and high wearing comfort in winter or summer. In winter as a light neck cuff, face covering, hat, headscarf, headwrap, pirate hat, or balaclava. Swing your headgear in the summer to wick away sweat and protect yourself from the solar wind, and it is machine washable and quick drying.

【✔Fits for any time】 Our face cover balaclava is windproof and waterproof, it offers protection for the neck, mouth, nose, lips and it fits perfectly under the helmet. The cutout on the eyes offers a clear view and can be pulled under the chin at any time. Protection from the cold, wind; Dust, and UV rays, enjoy your outdoor sport!

【✔One size fits everyone】 Thanks to its high elasticity, the face balaclava can be compatible with most head shapes. The material is hypoallergenic, particularly hygienic and non-irritating to the skin. And We are dedicated to ensuring your 100% satisfaction and 45-day money-back guarantee. Please contact us if you have a problem. We would be within reply from 24 hours.


Customer Reviews

  • Used While Shopping
    27th ofJuly2020 byDominic

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the increase of evidence supporting the useage of masks I purchased this and used it today to go shopping and it was very comfy and also stayed on my face in a good position highly recommend compared to other masks I’ve seen.

  • Breath Clean Air
    5th ofJuly2020 byEmily sims

    not a bad product, its like a snood with a mouth piece. Its a thin material, quick drying, non static. Has a nose wire fitted within it so you can bend around the nose for a snug fit. If you want further protection you can add in the extra filter piece to stop any smaller particles entering your airways. Its a decent enough product, would work in working environments, motorbike, cycling, crowded area. And over a time like this with covid it may come in handy.

  • Perfect Fit, Breathable Fabric, Comfortable To Wear.
    21st ofJune2020 byAndrea Marshall

    Ideal solution as an alternative to a medical style face mask, perfect for wearing at the shops or in busier public areas or on public transport while Covid rules remain in place. There is also a pocket for a filter if required. The fabric is breathable, not too hot, and comfortable to wear. It fits well, and stays in place, due to the ear loops. Bit large on me but a happily a perfect fit for my adult son.

  • Soft And Breathable
    8th ofJune2020 byRobin Pryer

    Working as a paramedic, we have to wear surgical masks for all patients regardless of covid symptoms, escalating mask type depending on present complaint. I'm pretty experienced now when it comes to comfort and ease of use! With the government's advice of face coverings on all public transport, it's about time to look at something reusable for the few times I need to catch a bus. Although I wouldn't use this in the clinical setting, this complies with the government rules. Very soft and breathable ( whilst still not being able blow out a candle) and comfortable behind the ears. Folds up small, although I tend to leave it around my neck and can easily slide it on or off when needed.

  • Very Comfortable To Wear
    3rd ofJune2020 bykenneth mitchell

    I brought this as I have started cycling again and this is very light and you can breath easily. It also has a filter so good for enclosed spaces.

  • Great Product
    31st ofMay2020 bycraig.stephen.brown

    Light and breathable but offers fantastic protection and isn’t too heavy to make you hot and sweaty.


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