Deep tissue muscle massage roller


➤【For Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Massage】Offering trigger point massaging and myofascial release, These muscle rollers can be used on your quads, thighs, neck, and body alone, and on your arms, lower back. Facilitates effective prevention of spasms and cramps by decreasing build-up of lactic acid through deep reach into muscle tissue.
➤【Promote Circulation and Recovery】Use before and after exercise to increase blood circulation, relaxing your leg muscles, boosting recovery, relieving deep tissue tension and eliminating soreness, resulting in a deeper more restful sleep!
➤【Versatile Uses】Before or after running, cycling, morning walk, or work, Or while doing yoga, Handheld design makes it easyly reaches all muscle areas, increases blood circulation for fast recovery!
➤【Superior Quality and Comfort】BUDDYGO Muscle roller is equipped with free floating Thermoplastic Rollers and an amazingly easy to hold Anti-Slip Polyvinyl Handles and unbreakable stainless steel core. The outside handles on each muscle roller massage stick give you a stronger, more well-balanced grip to ensure more control and pressure.
➤【Lightweight and portable】Compact design Muscle Roller Stick is ideal for both home and travel, take to the gym, use at home or sports fields etc. Easy to transport and store making it ideal for travelling and using on the go.

Customer Reviews

  • Roll Out The Tension
    29th of June 2020 by emily gristock

    It's a basic idea or a roller type foam roller but plastic and used for muscle tension. I've had my partner use this on the upper back and neck and it does help break down any knots, it's simple to use, just press down and roll, they have plastic rollers on the stick which roll across whatever you use it on, legs, back, stomach, neck.... it works everywhere. It's not the best thing in the world but for the price is may actually help break down some tension.

  • Very Good. Well Worth The Price.
    14th of June 2020 by Ewa

    Very good. Well worth the price. Good quality. Definitely doesn’t catch on leg hairs due to the roller design. Seems to have a better rollers for deep tissue massage that most of the others available which all seem quite flat to me. Would definitely recommend. Very happy with this item

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