20,000 mAh power Bank


【High Capacity】20000mAh portable phone charger huge capacity can charge phones and any other devices multiple times. The external battery charger provides almost 4.8 charges for iPhone 8, 4.3 charges for Galaxy S9 and 1.5 charges for iPad pro. Ideal for your daily activities or other long time outside trip

【Fast Charging 3 Outputs & 2 Inputs】15W total output to charge a Type-C device and 2 USB-A devices simultaneously

【100% Safe Protection】Omars battery pack chargers are certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE. Packed with advanced charging guards that ensures complete protection for you and your devices (protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, short-circuit and overcharging)

【Thoughtful and detailed design】Curved edges offer a perfect feel and a stylish look; A twill texture protective case ensures that the external battery charger with no chance of marking or abrasion.atus

【Warranty & More】1x 20000mAh phone charger battery pack portable, 1x USB cable dual output, 1x user manual. Extended 365-day warranty and friendly service provided by Omars. For any issue, please contact us, we will respond to you within 15-Hour

Customer Reviews

  • Power Bank Review
    8th ofJuly2020 byimogen g

    What an absolutely brilliant item. The power bank delivery time was exceptional. The packaging was very slick. The power bank already came with some charge, which was great. It was easy to use from the start! The power bank is super light and a perfect size to fit into your pocket. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Good Power Storage
    16th ofJune2020 bySay Jean

    Great power source. The power bank is a bit heavy for me, but it serve its primary function without issue. I love the 2 in 1 cable with USB Type C adapter. It enable me to charge my iPad and Android phone device simultaneously. The shipping was fast and well package. It's a great product and highly recommended.

  • Excellent Product
    15th ofJune2020 byEwa

    Excellent product, I can charge my iPhone several times from this battery pack. So never need to run out of battery again. It’s a well made quality product. I am in love with this powerbank as it is very slim and very portable. I am in love with this powerbank as it is very slim,light and very portable. Product was as described and arrived within 24hrs of order. Highly recommend :-)

  • Great Product - Recommended
    14th ofJune2020 bywiecek_p

    Well build, powerful power bank. 2 in 1 cable with usbc adapter is included which is fab bonus. Easily charging two devices simultaneously - ipad and android phone tested and charged without issues. Anti-slip material is great for travelling. 4 led indicators to let you know what percentage of charge remains are very useful.

  • Great Product
    12th ofJune2020 bycraig.stephen.brown

    Great product lightweight yet charges items very quickly, I’ve charged my headphones 4 times off 1 charge of the power bank.

  • Good Amount Of Power
    3rd ofJune2020 bychristopher rees

    Plenty of charge life in it, I was able to charge the spare battery on my drone whilst being out and about with it. It is larger than other charger packs I have, but that is due to the volume of charge it holds. Comes with 3 main style usb plugs for your devices, and has an easy to ready battery life indicator.


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