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Smart digital standing fan: Supply gentle breeze with 4 smart operational modes with digital remote control and shows you through a modern LED display. Especially recommended using ECO smart mode that automatic speed shifting based on natural temperature.

Slimmer modern design with DC motor: DC Fan uses less energy than AC Fan but provides more comfortable airflow. Also, it is more compact, lighter, more stable and has a longer life. So comfortable cooling with power saving.

Extremely whisper-quiet: With 20db, it is truly quiet as the sound of snowfall. Especially sleeping with the Sleep mode that you will have to make a sweet dream. 9hours Time setting to power on/off.

High Level of functional area: Can be used as a desk fan or standing floor fan. Moves horizontally left and right without turn around but go go go. Freely adjust head and height. Suitable for one to several people to use. Perfect for Home, Office, Studio, Bedrooms and more.

Easy to install and easy to clean: We provide one year warranty and 24/5 support service. If you have any additional information or questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

  • Quiet, Powerful And Easy To Use
    21st ofJuly2020 byMichael Arnold

    The best fan I have ever bought. The 9 speed settings go from gentle breeze to Arctic chill. If only I knew about this when we had the last heat wave. The fan is so quiet on the lower speeds, I can use it while playing xbox with my friends and not worry about a hum on the microphone. There is also a natural setting that feels at if there is a breeze from a window by automatically adjusting the speed. The Eco setting adjusts the speed to reflect the temperature of the room. The remote adds to the value because you don't even have to go near the can to adjust the settings.

  • Highly Recommend
    2nd ofJuly2020 byKarolina Hegenberger

    I wanted a quiet fan for the bedroom. I love it. I managed to assemble myself.Newly widowed I'm not used to doing these things.. So quiet I can hear and watch tv easily. I love the remote. I set it for 1 hour when I go to bed and it turns off while I'm asleep. No worries about it being on all night. So many settings. Never had such choice . Easy to choose which setting you want. I love it and am so glad I choose this fan . Await the really hot weather to use it too it's full potential.

  • Nealmah Yousaf
    2nd ofJuly2020 bynealmah

    The fan came well packaged,it is pretty easy to set up,I used the instruction book and got it ready pretty quick,it is a very quiet fan and comes with different speeds and the height can be adjusted.I was really impressed with the fan.

  • Very Good
    1st ofJuly2020 bychloe dacombe

    Arrived flat packed which you had to assemble yourself. Comes with instructions just in case you need them, which you probably wont as very easy to assemble. Has an adjustable height from 75cm to 98cm, which the top height is perfect for putting by the side of your bed. Also ha 9 speeds and find very easy to sleep with it on as very quiet. Very impressed with the design and quality of it. Also like how has a remote too.

  • Lightweight And Modern
    28th ofJune2020 byRoksana

    The best fan I’ve ever had. Feels so lightweight and easy to move around but I wouldn’t say it’s made out of a cheap plastic material. Assemble doesn’t require any tools and was so easy kid would have done it. Bearing in mind before I bought it I got a different one and it just seemed to make a warm wind. This one cools the air before blowing it out so well. From setting 1 up to 3 there is no noise whatsoever you can’t even tell it’s on. On higher settings you can hear it but it’s more like the sound of the air going through it than the sound of the working fan. It is very responsive to the remote, timer works perfect. Last but not least it does look nice and modern. Height regulation (which is really smooth btw) lets you to use it as a desk fan as well as a stand up fan.

  • Stay Cool In The Heat
    26th ofJune2020 bynoah

    Great cooling product. Comes in 3 parts and simple to slot together. Comes with different settings, 1 to 9 speed settings 1 to 9hr settings Turns left to right Has a natural air setting Eco setting which reduces sound to sleep whilst on and still producing adequate cooling. Height adjustable. It's a great product, having a remote makes it so much easier to increase or reduce airflow.


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