Waterproof smartwatch for kids


🎁 Kids Smart Watch - This smart watch is specially designed for 4 to 10 years old. This smartwatch with 1. 44inch touch screen and adorable appearance, using environmentally friendly silicone material, soft and comfortable for your kids.
🚩 Keeping Kids Safe - The kids tracker smart watch equipped with LBS SOS funcution. When in distress, Kids can press the SOS key for 3 seconds to circularly call families' numbers for help.You can set up to 3 SOS numbers. Great help for kids in emergency situation.
☎ 2-Way Phone Calls - Insert an activated sim card, kids smart watch can make and receive calls and vocie message. It is very simple to communicate with child.
☔ IP67 Waterproof - Kids smart watch phone adopt international standard IP67 waterproof. No need to worry about the watch will be damaged while rainning or kids washing. Your kids can enjoy their happy swimming and shower time! Please do not wear it in hot water and saunas.
💞 Customer Service - We recommend SIM card must be compatible with 2g of data traffic. Please fully charge the device before first use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. We will solve the problem for you as soon as.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Nice Watch
    21st of July 2020 by Roksana

    Watch is perfect. Bought it for my 8 years old son. He only just starts going out to play with friends on a street or to his grandparents 1 street away. Didn’t want him to carry a phone around with him as it could potentially be risky if someone noticed that young boy like him carries phone and he’s on his own plus my son doesn’t look after his things so it would be a shame if he dropped it or lost it. But still wanted to be able to get in touch with him. This watch is a gods sent. Looks like simple kids toy watch so does not draw too much of an attention. Both way calls work great, GPS is pretty accurate. Son had different toy watch witch camera before and this one is a nice upgrade, pictures are clear. Very easy to set up and use. Watch itself is designed especially for kids. Band is thick and solid but very soft at the same time. For this price it’s a steal

  • Great!
    19th of July 2020 by Polly Timson

    My little boys loves his watch! Easy to use..

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