SUM Foldable Toy Storage Bag


♥ Safe Material & Washable: Double layer, high-density nylon material toy storage bag, safe and reliable, washable, non-fading. For children's supplies, we are as attentive as you.
♥ Multi-functional: Addition to as a toy storage bag, perfect for keeping toys organized at home, you can also use as a picnic mat. Functions beautifully at outdoor picnics, camping, grandparents' house, the beach and more.
♥ Toy Storage Bags: When your kids are going to play with their toys, Just open toy mat that extends out to 60" to spread out thier toy bricks and play. When play is finished, toy storage containers offers tons of room for small and medium sized toys. Mummy's good friend. Use this to make sure your every child is having fun without worrying about the mess.
♥ Time saving: Just pull the toy storage mat bag drawstrings and everything toy is packed without wasting time when you move them around. Please note that the more weight and the rope is pulled as far as possible, the mouth of the toy bag can be better closed´╝ü It is so easy, never again with bricks everywhere at home. Your kids can enjoy their happy playtime with toy anytime anywhere!
♥ GUARANTEED QUALITY: We have 100% Hassle Free Money back guarantee. Please contact us immediately when you meet questions.

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