(Out of stock) Zacro 2.5L Hydration Bladder Bag


[Large Opening]: The largest opening of the 2.5L water storage bladder can help you easily fill water and ice into the bladder bag, and it is easy to clean. The water storage bladder has passed the air pressure test and is fully pressure resistant. Double-sided sealing technology greatly improves durability

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Replacement Bladder.
    16th of July 2020 by Lee Davies

    Bought this to replace the original bladder in my bike bag as it started to smell. This is 0.5l bigger than my last one and fits in my bag nicely. It's great that it's more than half the price of the branded bladders and it does exactly the same job!

  • Better Than A Bottle
    6th of July 2020 by Lily Robinson

    This bladder bag was so useful when mountain biking. Usually, I keep my water bottle in the holder on the frame but often, I catch my leg on it or the bottle falls out or I have to actually stop to have a drink. This, I found, was brilliant though! It was convenient, I didn't have to stop on the uphill for a drink and it wasn't uncomfortable at all - it also meant I had somewhere to put my stuff! The bladder bag holds a lot of water but it is distributed over a large area, and it is right against your back so you tend not to feel the weight at all. I don't know how I have gone so long without this - I wont be going back!

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