(Out of stock) Zacro Camping Lantern & Mosquito Zapper


[Ultraviolet Killing Mositoes]:Physical method produces ultaviolet rays with a waelength of 360-400nm, attracts mosquitoes to kill by electric shock. Non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, safe and pollution-free.
[ Long Battery Life] :Batery capacity is 2000mAh, charging takes 3-5 hours, outdoor can be used to charge the LED camping lamp with USB.

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Customer Reviews

  • Zapity Zap Zap
    15th of July 2020 by Jay Demac

    Bought to go camping in a few weeks to leave in tent overnight, but since it arrived already, thought we would give it a go now. Came with no charge, so charged overnight with the USB cable included. The odd looking dimple light on the top has 3 brightness settings, surprisingly bright too, probably wont use that too much though as going to wast it to zap bugs all night long! The zap part it hidden deep into the case, so i couldn't get my finger in, maybe a child could though, so be careful. so far it has actually zapped 3 mosquitoes which i am very surprised as i haven't seen or heard any about. The battery so far has been excellent and its been on every morning after being on all night, given a few top up charges but it hasn't let us down yet. Ugly looking thing, but does the job!

  • Handy, Great Lamp!
    7th of July 2020 by wiecek_p

    When the item came I was surprised of size. So small.... But then I pressed ON button... LED light is so powerful! I am so impressed. I have used it in the kitchen so far for mosquitoes and fruit flies and it is working great! Simple to charge & use, works really well. Neat and compact size is just a plus. Originally bought for garden but has been really effective in the kitchen. The charge lasts well too. Could not be better!

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